Pay easily No code, No number, No risk of error!

The QPay System is a secure, online payment solution that provides a shortcut to Mobile Money.

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A propos de Qpay

Available on all platforms.

Q-PAY is a payment platform that allows you to make your purchases online with your partners, using Mobile Money. With the Q-PAY system, pay without a code, without a number and without the risk of error!

Q-PAY comes with Managerial software: Qpay For Business, which includes:

  •  The Q-PAY Transaction Management Module
  •  The Financial Management module
  •  The Personnel Management module
  •  The Customer Database Management module
To better meet your customers' needs by automating your activities.

Built-in privacy and security.

Faster and simpler than
paying with cash.

Online payment is easier
with QPay.

Easy to set up
And to use.

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1. Download Qpay app

The app is available on all mobile platforms. Download Q-PAY on Android or iOS.

2. Q-PAY Account Creation

Simple, safe and secure. Create your in-app account in just a few clicks. And start using.

3. Start making trades

After creating your account, pay your bills and services in one click. No number, no code, no risk of error!

across all sectors


To facilitate the purchase of goods online thanks to Mobile Money, Grow your e-Trade with the Qpay solution integrated into your e-commerce system. invoicing.

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To streamline withdrawals, deposits,
credits, refunds, etc...
Thanks to Qpay.

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Academic Institutions

No need to go to banks and wait for hours; pay your academic fees anytime, anywhere, anywhere with Qpay.

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Public Institutions

To make it easier to pay taxes in just a few clicks, anywhere, anytime. By using Qpay!

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Do you have a business?

Offer your customers a professional payment system with switable software to extend your reach nationally.

With the Management modules :





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Q-Pay API's integration

Expand your business with our API integrations. Give your customers a great checkout experience simple, fluid and fast via a variety of mobile money platforms such as :
Airtel Money Orange Money Afri-Money Vodacom M-pesa and banking partners.


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